8th Annual Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival October 13th -17th 2015

Kathleen wanted to let you all know about the 8th Annual Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst from October 13th -17th, 2015.

From their website:

The Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival is a 5 day celebration of all things fibre; knitting, quilting, rug hooking, and so much more. Featuring many creative workshops, exhibits, and hands-on demonstrations, the festival offers something for everyone! If you’re looking for a little fibre in your creative diet, then this is the festival for you!

Now in its 8th year this award winning festival features exciting creative workshops, stunning exhibits, hands-on demonstrations and some of the region’s most beautiful fibre work. This five day celebration of all things fibre: knitting, quilting, rug hooking, felting, weaving, crocheting, needle work and so much more!

Held in historic Amherst, beginning the Tuesday following Thanksgiving each year; the Fibre Arts Festival embraces all natural fibres and whether you are an experienced fibre artist, enthusiastic novice, or just appreciate fine quality arts and handwork, you will find something to enjoy among the wide range of activities and opportunities the Festival offers.

And check out these videos they have about the event!

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Silicon Valley Fashion

Nerds aren’t generally known for their fashion or fashion tastes. However, the nerds of Silicon Valley aren’t exactly your stereotypical ones. For one thing, they’re quite successful and rich, and they’re generally pretty hip with their innovative thinking, workspace, work culture, open-mind, etc.

Well, now, you can add innovative fashion to it with emoji prints, anti-photobombing jackets, drones showing off fashion rather than models, glow in the dark stuff, and so on! Not to mention just good old form fitting stuff from breathable fabrics astronauts use in space.

Of course, being successful enough to afford that kind of materials helps if you ever wanted to make anything out of such materials.

See more on this great CNN article.

And yes, Silicon Valley did have its own fashion week!

Maybe that’s where my market is! Tech and fashion! Hmmm. Feels like it’s made for me. :)

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How to Read a Sewing Pattern Resource

Faye wanted to share this useful post from the Sewing Loft blog on How to Read a Sewing Pattern

Thanks, Faye! Very useful indeed! Don’t tell the other members but I don’t actually know how to read a sewing pattern! :)

That’s what happens when you go generate or draw your own all the time, or stop and do things your own way the minute you hit a step you don’t like or approve of!

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Courses, Course Sales and Sewing Humour

NSCAD Continuing Studies just put out its list of Summer 2015 courses. Not too much on the fashion and textiles section except Beginner Sewing and Weaving, which could definitely be interesting. But lots of other interesting and artistic courses as well!

From Faye, Craftsy is having a class flash sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Up to 50% off on almost 700 classes. If you want to focus on sewing classes, please click here instead. THIS WEEKEND ONLY remember! (Apr 11 & 12).

And from Kathleen, a little humour… :)

Thanks Faye and Kathleen!

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XQ Hand Embroidery of Viet Nam

XQ Hand Embroidery of Viet Nam

I am back from Viet Nam and I bring you this!

We’re not an embroidery guild, but some of us do it, and there is an embroidery guild here in Halifax. If you’ve seen better hand embroidery anywhere in the world than what these folks do, please do share! :)

These people have museums throughout the country that if you loved your embroidery that much, you could do a tour of the country and see all these museums with their art work and ceremonies!

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