Fibre Arts Festival

It may be time for you to take a look at the Fibre Arts Festival held in Amherst and consider making some plans to attend. It’s their 8th year! Their website is Take a look!
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National Sewing Circle Website

Beverly in the Guild wanted to share an online sewing resource with you all called the National Sewing Circle (

National Sewing Circle Screen Capture (click to enlarge)

National Sewing Circle Screen Capture (click to enlarge)

It is a site of sewing videos, with a blog, projects and things you can purchase. Some of the content is free, but some is for members only.

You can get a free newsletter emailed to you if you sign up that way, perhaps to find out more about things before deciding whether or not to commit to a membership.

For those of you looking for new online sewing resources, this site “seams” to be well worth a look! :)

Thank you, Beverly!

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Fashion for the Disabled

Fashion for the Disabled.

A demographic the fashion industry has generally neglected, which it won’t be able to much longer. Very insightful. Includes radio interviews and a lookbook by Disability Fashion Stylist Stephanie Thomas.

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Periodic Table of Sewing Elements

As a former chemist and present seamster, you can probably understand why I appreciate this from the Scientific Seamstress. :)

Periodic Table of Sewing Elements

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Very Easy DIY Wheel or Ringed Buttons

DIY Wheeled buttons

Very Easy DIY Wheel or Ringed Buttons

Desperation and necessity led me to invent this today while shopping at Fabricville. :)

Goes with my new look I hope to show our members at our June meeting next week.

Would this count as embellishments for our new challenge nobody has yet to send me text for to post?

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